Pasture Raised or Grass Fed ... huh!?

So what does it mean when they say “pasture raised” or “grass fed” meat?

happy chickens!
Its actually quite simple, on our farm, it means that with herbivores (cattle, sheep, goats, etc) they eat strictly forages or grasses, with omnivores (chickens, pigs, etc) it means a large portion of their diet comes from forages, insects, grasses. 

There are so many benefits to grass/pasture raised meat, some of them are:

~ a more nutrient dense product
~ little to none antibiotic or chemicals used (we only treat animals that require it)
~ a healthy, happy environment = less stress on animals

~ improves the soil so the grass and forages the animals eat is healthier 

Don't be afraid to do research on what you eat! 
The benefits, the farmer, the meat... 
It's can only give you a better dining experience!

Social chickens!

Relaxed cows and calves!

There are piggie here! Look hard in the grass!

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