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Our story begins in 1991, when a sweet Manitoban farm boy met a crazy city Ontario gurl in the middle of nowhere {well the midde of no where in Manitoba}.
This sweet farm boy lived and worked on his parents mixed conventional farm where they had cattle, pigs, sometimes chickens and grain. The city gurl met and became good friends with the farm boy.  In 1992, the two young kids fell in love and dated for a very short time before they knew they were meant to be together forever.
She was an only child of divorced parents, who lived all over Canada. He was the youngest of four and was very grounded in not only his life but his Faith too. Once they decided to get married there was no looking back!
After a short engagement {of about 7months} they were married and continued to farm with his folks. She stayed home and for the first 6years she spent a lot of her time with her head in a pail {morning sickness} and raising babies. By 1999, the farm boy had convinced the city gurl she was a farm gurl at heart. He proved it by teaching her to garden {but she never could fully enjoy this chore} can fruits and vegetables, to raise and butcher meat, make jams, cookies, bread and milk a goat and cow and even how to inseminate pigs! She taught him to slow down, enjoy life, listen to all varieties of music, the joy of travel and that there really are restaraunts open past 8pm.
The funny and charming farm couple have had many ups and downs together {still smiling tho}, they start started over from scratch many times {hopefully they are done with those adventures now}. They have had a variety of jobs ranging from working at local hog plant and library, both going to college {with 4 small children at home}, government employment and a church secretary -- now finally farming the way they have always wanted too -- in a relaxed atmosphere, where the health of the land, the animals and the family are most important. Where they may work some times 24/7 but always manage to find time to spend with their 4 awesome {not so little anymore} kids, each other and God -- not necessarily in that order!

L-R: Josh, Dennis, Jodi, Hannah, Samuel, Isaac

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