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I really am having trouble finding where all my time goes these days! I have been trying to post these pictures and info on out tour since... well, since the tour was over! I guess that saying that time flies when you're having fun applies here! 

So we had our tour on September 19, 2014. The weather once again threatened to rain and be miserable but it stayed away and turned out to be another beautiful fall day! We had 
37 producers, Ag Extension and Conservation District employees along with Holistic Management (HM) Educators all taking part in the pasture tour! (It was sponsored in part by Manitoba Grazing Clubs) 
Those attended had the opportunity to learn how planned grazing can improve soil health, reduce flooding, increase grass production and profitability in livestock. There were presentations from Blaine Hjertaas (HM Educator) and Dennis and Jodi Ginter (that would be us, the producers), followed by a pasture tour that showed winter and summer grazing sites, poly crops and stock piling feed and mob grazing sites. 
Dave and Val Pogson with Kids on the Land (KOTL) were present, teaching kids about healthy land for a sustainable future. KOTL is typically geared from grades K-6 but is fun and educational for all ages!  If you would like more information or have any questions on Holistic Management, please call:
Blaine Hjeraas (306)452-3882 
Ralph or Linda Corcoran (306)532-4778
Dennis or Jodi Ginter (204)967-2656

For more info on Kids on the Land please call: 

Dave or Val Pogson (204)825-7684

Listening to the producer (that would be Dennis) talk!

Another delicious meal served by Laurette!! Soups and sandwiches,
yummy cookies ...oh my!
Enjoying lunch and conversations!

looking at the poly crops used for grazing

KOTL - hula hoops to lok at diversity in bugs and plants!

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