Where does the time go!?!?

... no seriously.. where does it go! I cant believe we are into August already, the summer is amost over, school will be back in, our chickens are going to butcher next week, the piglets are all growing like crazy, calves are all running and looking cute! Baling is officially done and they are starting to stack up in the feilds -- getting ready to be picked up next week and placed into the feilds -- setting up for the winter grazing sites!? (ugh and you know what that means... snow ... ugh)
 I have been very busy taking photos and getting them posted on twitter, instagram, even FB but I have not seemed to be able to get onto my computer to post pictures or updates on this page.
That will be {hopefully} rectified in the next while.

BUT here is one of our projects that we started this month:

Please feel free to join in! I am working on a September Challenge already too. Post your pictures on instagram, twitter, FB or any other social media that you use. I believe that by showing the world what we do - whether it is work/farm related, or time spent relaxing,  if you call yourself  a rancher, farmer, if your land base is large or small, if you farm conventionally or organically or {like us} holistically,  if you are a man, woman or child/teen, no matter where you are in the world, it is up to us to educate the public on where their food comes from!  SO jump on in and join the fun! Share this pic and spread the word! The more the merrier -- just dont forget to (at the very least)  hashtag your pictures #ccfpc #farmon and #farmvoices
We are 'working' with FarmOn with this challenge!!

I have a nother project in the works for September -- it will be a fall tour of our farm and as soon as I have all the details nailed down I will post all the info! Hopefully we will see some of you here!! So watch this space!! 
Hope y'all are having a fantastic summer whatever and where ever you are!!

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