It's about time!!!

I FINALLY get to share our 'news' that we have been working on for a couple of months now!! (I didn't dare say anything until all the details were finalized! BUT...
We are hosting another farm tour this year, but in September instead of June!  We are quite excited about this as it is not only a different time (obviously) of year but it is also there is the opportunity to meet new people {possibly YOU!}  The tour is sponsored by Manitoba Grazing Clubs and it is an all day thing -- there is time of talk, circle time and discussion in the morning and then the afternoon is filled with a tour of our pastures, bale grazing sites for winter, past grazing sites and talk of some of our future plans! There is always lots of talk about new ideas, successes and failures and plenty of laughter! Dennis and I are always up for new out of the box thinking and suggestions. Dave and Val Pogson will be here to talk with the kids and do "Kids on the Land". This is an amazing program where the kids travel the tour with us and where ever we stop, they stop and Dave and Val get the kids looking at the soils, plant life and bugs! They get the kids thinking about the land and how it can be healthy and why it is important for healthy soil. (Dave is such a card, kids love spending time with him!) {side note: this spring Dennis and I had the opportunity to work with Dave and Val in their corner of the province, with high school students one day and younger, elementary students the next! The Kids on the Land program is very unique as it encourages kids to get down and get their hands into the dirt -- looking at the micro-livestock that creates great soil!} 
Ralph and Linda Corcoran will also be here to talk a bit about their farming practices and encourage others to look into the Holistic Management practices. Ralph and Linda were our educators and are our mentors. 
There is a $10.00/person charge for the day (to pay for meal) and if you are traveling a distance and want to come with your camper -- we have lots of room for you!
So if you have ever wondered what it is to be a "Grass Rancher" or want to know about what it is, if you are interested in Holistic Management, if you like the idea of a day out and away from the usual daily grind, OR if you have any questions at all about this tour please let us know- You can email us at or call/email Michael Thiele (the Manitoba Grazing Club Coordinator) at (204)365-6334 or to register! 
We would love to meet you! Please share this information with others that may be interested! 

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