Working with cattle

Early morning moving the cows out of the shed.
What an interesting few weeks we have had here on the farm! First and most talked about all over Canada-- the weather! We have had temperatures from +4*C to -40*C (possibly colder with the wind chills!) and we shipped out our steer calves and are getting ready to ship culls and open this coming week- and some of that cattle work has been done in those bone chilling temperatures ... brrrrrrr!

The herd -- calves are in there somewhere-- waiting to be sorted out!
Topping the Markets!! WOOT!
Steer calves waiting in the bud box.

We were quite excited about sale of our steers. They were all 5 weights and we topped the markets that day!!

We recieved quite a few compliments on the calmness of our calves as they were loading on the truck. Then we received a few more at the auction mart, from some of the buyers, on how they were not only quiet thru the ring but also how good they looked! With the compliments and the prices we got, we were flying  pretty high! :)
The crew who worked with steers! 

Crew 2 when we worked with culls and open cows!
LOL funny!

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