Nice day for a walk!

Today was such a nice day, after all almost 4 week cold snap, that we decided to take some time and check out the cows -- looking for culls, checking on the condition of the cows and just basically enjoying the sunshine and heat! After -30 & -40*C temperatures and wild winds a nice sunny calm day is just what the farmer ordered … -17*c with NO winds!! 
You can see this cow digging thru the snow to get to some nice green grass... YES there is green grass under that deep snow! See!!! Beautiful green grass that is higher in nutrition than the hay bales that they have been eating, since the grass/hay was frozen at its peak!

Cows are digging thru 12-18 inches of snow and in some
areas even more! 

This video is showing the cattle eating snow (and a bit of grass too). I wish I could have gotten videos of the calves licking snow but they are move camera shy than these girls! :)

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