2014 Goals for us on the farm

Here are some of our goals for 2014:

Improve grass production through mob grazing 
       - use high stock density

Extend the grazing season through utilization of stock piled grass
        - grazing longer in fall and earlier in spring
         - reduce hay feeding to 120 days or less

Improve genetics of cow herd to better utilize grass
      - through linear measuring
       - line breeding

Make better use of our horses as a ranch tool

More quality of life
   - time with family and as a couple
  - time fishing/hunting
   - camping 

And as always remember this:

All goals and plans are always changing and are NOT written in stone! So we are prepared to be flexible and change or adapt in areas as needed! (which somedays seems like a daily occurance! lol) 

What are some of the plans or goals you have for your farm, personal and other areas of your life? Please feel free to share! 

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