2013 in photos

Our Hannah Gurl won 4 ribbons and an Overall medal at Gymnastics!
The bulls in the Spring  '13
Geese in the bale feeder for the bulls this spring! 

And they laid eggs -- which sadly didnt hatch...

Beginning of our Farm Tour in June.

Heading out for a tour of the grass, crops and cattle --
even the threat of rain didnt stop our tour! Over 50 people!!

First stop-- the cows! 

Explaining what happened on the land before we took over.

"Kids on the Land" were at the tour! 

Digging in the soil, looking for dung bettles and bugs...
More talking...more questions!

Kids on the Land looking for different grass and weed species!

There was an enormous amount of rain this weekend but it didnt stop us!
  On our way to look at the cover crops and zero till garden.

Checking out the cover crops!

Ralph, and his wife Linda, were our Holistic Educators and
are now a great friends and mentors! 

Kids showingus what all they learned!

Dennis and I giving our presentation.
We are supporters and Advocates for Brain Injury Awareness!
This year we put 1500 white & green Brain Injury Awareness Support bracelets out in the world! 

'Branding' day out at Ralph and Linda's -- no branding actually happening,
just tagging, ringing and needling. A very interesting experience for us!

At a day trip farm tour! Checking out the grasses!
Dennis and I celebrated 20 years of maritial bliss!

Another day trip to tour the farm at Ralph and Linda's!
 Learning about rotating pastures and using Rest and Recovery!
Our oldest, Josh, graduated Grade 12!
Our youngest son, Isaac, was baptized!!

Our Second son Sam turns 18!
Merry  Christmas from our family to yours and
 best wishes for a safe and healthy 2014!

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