You would never know it...

nope, you wouldn't know it was April 5th if you looked out our window -- or came out to check cows!
if you look very hard you can see the cows in the the snow!

We still have much MUCH snow and apparently if we can believe the weather man, another pile coming tonight... sigh.
It makes it kinds hard to get truely excited about seeding and calving when we still have to go out daily to open up  a frozen water, put on ski pants, sweaters, winter jacket and boots, mitts and toques!! I know we live in Canada but I think even most of us are very tired of this! Just for a bit of 'useless' information on our winter this year, our first snow fall was October 3rd.... and here we are April 5th still with copious amounts of snow on the ground!

We are due to start calving in 4 weeks (calendar date being May 10) and we are really praying that the weather starts to warm up a bit  so that these babies aren't struggling for life and warmth off the hop! We will be starting our family pool of "when will the first calf hit the ground" in about 2 weeks! I always giggle at what they guess and everyday after school it is a race home to see if 'they' won.... I did once mention that our 'kids' are 13, 15, 17, 18 and the biggest one of all being ... well much older!!? ;)

We are also working on our grazing plan for this summer -- starting with our Triple Bottom Line days- a.k.a. family time and us time! Then we work into that plan where the cattle need to be to accomodate those days.

The seed is ordered also (and one day soon we will be on the road to pick it up). We will be doing another round of poly crops this year! There will be oats, peas, hairy vetch, golden german millet, tillage radish, purple turnip and annual rye grass for swath grazing. We also have made a high diversity mix for stock pile grazing and preparing land for corn and winter wheat for next year- this is tillage radish, highbrid brasica (a rape family), sunflowers, hairy vetch, crimson clover, root max rye, crown millet and oats. We will be planting hairy vetch with our open pollinated corn seed!
Along with the poly cropping, Dennis is determined to try a field garden in the approximate same area. He will throw some of our garden seeds: squash, pumpkins, cukes, watermelons... all the things that take up a lot of room in your regular garden area. Then we will harvest what we need and let the cows clean up the rest! Hopefully I will get pictures of this garden area and it will produce well so we can get lots in the cold room for next winter!

The last activity we are working on these days is a producer tour that is happening at our farm on June 22, after we were approached by our Holistic Educators asking if we would be interested. It will be a tour of our bale grazing sites, cattle, pastures, possibly where last years poly crops were! There will be a small charge for lunch (so pre registering will be necessary) and it is also BYOLC (bring your own lawn chair), there will be a few presentations in the morning by us and a few other local HM farmers and our educators. We could also be touring the other farms after our own tour! Kids on the Land will be here also  and it's a great way to get kids excited about the land and what all it is capable of! I will be posting more of the details for this tour as we get closer to that date and things are more set! (so watch this blog!) ;D

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