Welcome to our little 'corner' of the internet and world! These next few posts will be mostly a bit of history of where we were and were we have came to... followed by where we want to be going!

Both Dennis and I will be posting on here for the most part (but I am going to guess that for that 'most part' part it will be me, Jodi.  We both try to take plenty of pictures when we are doing something on our farm or going somewhere (thank you for the lovely technology of iPhones, INSTAGRAM and digital cameras!) so there may be posts of just that... pictures - some for education,  some for an update on something/someone, some for beauty/insipration and sometimes just for a giggle!

We will try to post things that not only relate to our farm life but also to our faith. Dennis and I are believers & followers of Jesus. Our first priority in life is to glorify Him and daily thank Him for all He has blessed and entrusted us with! There may also be posts about our family life as our way of thinking is, it is all connected!

Please take time to leave a comment for us, cuz we love to talk to people and make new friends and be sure to check back in to see what is new in our lives and on our farm!

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