Better late then...

I really am having trouble finding where all my time goes these days! I have been trying to post these pictures and info on out tour since... well, since the tour was over! I guess that saying that time flies when you're having fun applies here! 

So we had our tour on September 19, 2014. The weather once again threatened to rain and be miserable but it stayed away and turned out to be another beautiful fall day! We had 
37 producers, Ag Extension and Conservation District employees along with Holistic Management (HM) Educators all taking part in the pasture tour! (It was sponsored in part by Manitoba Grazing Clubs) 
Those attended had the opportunity to learn how planned grazing can improve soil health, reduce flooding, increase grass production and profitability in livestock. There were presentations from Blaine Hjertaas (HM Educator) and Dennis and Jodi Ginter (that would be us, the producers), followed by a pasture tour that showed winter and summer grazing sites, poly crops and stock piling feed and mob grazing sites. 
Dave and Val Pogson with Kids on the Land (KOTL) were present, teaching kids about healthy land for a sustainable future. KOTL is typically geared from grades K-6 but is fun and educational for all ages!  If you would like more information or have any questions on Holistic Management, please call:
Blaine Hjeraas (306)452-3882 
Ralph or Linda Corcoran (306)532-4778
Dennis or Jodi Ginter (204)967-2656

For more info on Kids on the Land please call: 

Dave or Val Pogson (204)825-7684

Listening to the producer (that would be Dennis) talk!

Another delicious meal served by Laurette!! Soups and sandwiches,
yummy cookies ...oh my!
Enjoying lunch and conversations!

looking at the poly crops used for grazing

KOTL - hula hoops to lok at diversity in bugs and plants!

It's about time!!!

I FINALLY get to share our 'news' that we have been working on for a couple of months now!! (I didn't dare say anything until all the details were finalized! BUT...
We are hosting another farm tour this year, but in September instead of June!  We are quite excited about this as it is not only a different time (obviously) of year but it is also there is the opportunity to meet new people {possibly YOU!}  The tour is sponsored by Manitoba Grazing Clubs and it is an all day thing -- there is time of talk, circle time and discussion in the morning and then the afternoon is filled with a tour of our pastures, bale grazing sites for winter, past grazing sites and talk of some of our future plans! There is always lots of talk about new ideas, successes and failures and plenty of laughter! Dennis and I are always up for new out of the box thinking and suggestions. Dave and Val Pogson will be here to talk with the kids and do "Kids on the Land". This is an amazing program where the kids travel the tour with us and where ever we stop, they stop and Dave and Val get the kids looking at the soils, plant life and bugs! They get the kids thinking about the land and how it can be healthy and why it is important for healthy soil. (Dave is such a card, kids love spending time with him!) {side note: this spring Dennis and I had the opportunity to work with Dave and Val in their corner of the province, with high school students one day and younger, elementary students the next! The Kids on the Land program is very unique as it encourages kids to get down and get their hands into the dirt -- looking at the micro-livestock that creates great soil!} 
Ralph and Linda Corcoran will also be here to talk a bit about their farming practices and encourage others to look into the Holistic Management practices. Ralph and Linda were our educators and are our mentors. 
There is a $10.00/person charge for the day (to pay for meal) and if you are traveling a distance and want to come with your camper -- we have lots of room for you!
So if you have ever wondered what it is to be a "Grass Rancher" or want to know about what it is, if you are interested in Holistic Management, if you like the idea of a day out and away from the usual daily grind, OR if you have any questions at all about this tour please let us know- You can email us at or call/email Michael Thiele (the Manitoba Grazing Club Coordinator) at (204)365-6334 or to register! 
We would love to meet you! Please share this information with others that may be interested! 

Where does the time go!?!?

... no seriously.. where does it go! I cant believe we are into August already, the summer is amost over, school will be back in, our chickens are going to butcher next week, the piglets are all growing like crazy, calves are all running and looking cute! Baling is officially done and they are starting to stack up in the feilds -- getting ready to be picked up next week and placed into the feilds -- setting up for the winter grazing sites!? (ugh and you know what that means... snow ... ugh)
 I have been very busy taking photos and getting them posted on twitter, instagram, even FB but I have not seemed to be able to get onto my computer to post pictures or updates on this page.
That will be {hopefully} rectified in the next while.

BUT here is one of our projects that we started this month:

Please feel free to join in! I am working on a September Challenge already too. Post your pictures on instagram, twitter, FB or any other social media that you use. I believe that by showing the world what we do - whether it is work/farm related, or time spent relaxing,  if you call yourself  a rancher, farmer, if your land base is large or small, if you farm conventionally or organically or {like us} holistically,  if you are a man, woman or child/teen, no matter where you are in the world, it is up to us to educate the public on where their food comes from!  SO jump on in and join the fun! Share this pic and spread the word! The more the merrier -- just dont forget to (at the very least)  hashtag your pictures #ccfpc #farmon and #farmvoices
We are 'working' with FarmOn with this challenge!!

I have a nother project in the works for September -- it will be a fall tour of our farm and as soon as I have all the details nailed down I will post all the info! Hopefully we will see some of you here!! So watch this space!! 
Hope y'all are having a fantastic summer whatever and where ever you are!!

Western Canadian Holistic Conference 2014

It is hard to beleive that one week ago we were getting ready to head out early Sunday morning for Lloydminster, Alberta for the WCHM 2014!!! (must be a sign of age when time passes so quickly! lol)

The goal of the conference
and success I think!
It was such a great time meeting old friends and making new ones! We had an interesting twist on the conference this year as we have been using our social media much more and were making connections with other ranchers/farmers before we even left home! So it was neat to meet up and actually speak to them face on with out #hashtags! LOL

Some of the highlights for us were to hear Dr. Jill  Clapperton, speak on soil health. Her talk was not only informative but had us laughing (and some of us cringing) at her pictures of the organisms that live in our soil! It really is a whole world under your feet!

Dennis enjoyed to the financial break out session with Brian Luce. Dennis appreciated the fact that there was a 'human aspect' before they got into the money and numbers part! Joshua and I went to the multi-species grazing session and got our brains working on what we would like to see introduced at our place in certain areas.... so maybe in the future we will have pictures and stories of goats and possibly sheep back on our farm! We also atteneded the 'human' break out session and worked on goals. I think this was good for not only me but for Josh to see what and why we do what we do. (hearing and seeing from someone other than mom and dad...) He had to sit and think of his own future and where he sees himself -- very enlightening I am sure! For me my goal this coming year is to use our holistic tools not only on the farm but in the home too. We work hard to make our Holistic Goal as a WHOLE life goal -- both on the farm and in the home and I need to get more creative with this as we grow as a farm and family. (creativity is getting trickier as our kids are all in the teen years and nearing new stages of life (graduations, moving out, university...) which mean new ideas for us also!

Ron Moss
I enjoyed (and I know Dennis did too) the time spent as a whole conference group doing some of our activities brainstorming to help spread more education and awareness of Holistic Ag. What can we be doing as a whole to spread this needed awareness and what can we be doing as individuals too?! It was interesting to hear other peoples take on this situation and what they have been doing!  For us our big initiative is to use social media -- FB, this blog, Instagram, Twitter (all whose links are on the side of this blog!😃) This was really brought home that is is important when the FARM ON! speaker was up and sharing that this is exactly what they want us to do!!! If you have not had the opportunity to visit this page then I suggest you do it! It is filled with lots of good articles, photos and stories!!! Start sharing your farming experience and FARM ON!!! (dont forget to hashtag pictures too!)

Overall, we had a wonderful time with everyone and left with a plethora of information! We are already excited for next years conference! If you were at the conference, we would love to hear your experience at it! And if you are using social media then please share that too with us! We love connecting with fellow ranchers and farmers!
Lots of great donations for the
silent auction!

Cofee time -- which means
coffee and chats!

28 kids registered! So they sang grace on
 Monday night for the banquet!

Listening to Robert Rutherford at the end of the conference
speak abouta the good news of Holistic Managers and
waht is happening in his corner of the farming world!

2013 cover crops

Here are some pictures of cover crops we seeded and grazed in 2013. They were seeded to improve soil health, the grazing was a bonus which paid for the seed.

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